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Do I really have to register?  It only takes a few moments to register, and then you enjoy alot of benefits, including use of the shopping cart and the Wish List, AND instant download of your design purchases!  When registering, please be sure and check the box "I would like to receive store emails" to subscribe to my newsletter ~ you will receive a Special Freebie just for signing up, AND you will be the first to hear of new Free Samples, new Design(s) sets, and new ZippyDealZ (SALES)!!  While you do not need to register to download my Free Samples, you do need to register to make a purchase ~ the computer processes your order, and then sends your design link(s) to your email!

I can't get my order to process through Paypal .. HELP!!  My apologies for this very frustrating glitch!  Occasionally my website (and Paypal too!) has a snafu ~ and your order may not be completed.  This is common immediately after Paypal does an update .. no, I don't understand it either .. LOL!  Please delete your "temporary internet files" and "cookies" ~ this usually resolves the issue.  Plan B = send me an email at and we will figure it out together! 

What forms of payment do you accept?  I accept cash, credit cards and checks through Paypal.  Currently, I am unable to process personal checks and/or money orders sent via snail mail.  Please see the next question and answer also!

What if I don't have a Paypal account .. may I pay with my credit card?  Yes, you can pay with your credit card, even if you don't have a Paypal account!  During checkout, continue through the process until you see this "Pay with Credit Card OR Log In" page:

Simply fill out the requested credit card information to use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card to purchase ~ without having a Paypal account!  Internet shopping is getting easier and easier .. my DH says TOOOOO easy .. LOL.

What if I don't want to use my "real" credit card with Paypal?  Consider using a "reloadable card" to make your internet purchases!  The cards are available at Walmart, drug stores, and even grocery stores .. put a small amount of $$ on the card, and use it as your "credit card" to make internet purchases ~ one customer tells me it helps keep her on a budget for buying embroidery designs, and says "when I spend my $100 a month, I have to wait until the first of the month to purchase more from ZippyDesignZ!"  LOL

How did you get the name "Zippy"? (yes, this IS a Frequently Asked Question .. LOL!)   It's my nickname from college .. I was always zipping around, trying to get to class in between working (3) jobs.  Ahhh, the good 'ol days! 

I've paid for my order, but my Order History says my order is still "processing" .. HELP!!  "Processing" a GOOD thing = that means Paypal has completed their payment process, and your order is ready to download!  Just click on the order number, and look under "Order Summary" and then "Product" ~  click on {download here} and your link is assessible via a pop-up box!  Click "save" and download the zip file to your desired location on your computer!

My password won't work ~~ HELP!  And the "password police" tell us NOT to write all of your passwords down for safekeeping .. HA!  When you forget your password, first click on "Login", and then "Forgot your Password?".  You will receive an email containing a "temporary password".  Click on the provided link in that email, and enter this "temporary password" in the "Old Password" box.  Now enter your desired password in the "New Password" box (AND write it down in the little notebook that contains all your passwords .. ), and also "Confirm Password", then click "Submit".   Here's a Show-N-Tell for you ...

If you need further assistance, please send me an email at

How do I receive my purchased embroidery designs?  Once you have completed the Paypal check-out process, you will be re-directed back to my website  - please note that you may need to re-login as some browsers do not "re-connect" after visiting the Paypal site.  Once you have logged in,
1)  Click on "Your Account"
2)  Click on "Order History"
3)  Click on the Order #
4)  Under "Order Summary", then "Product", click on "{download here}" and your link is accessible via a pop-up box!
5)  Click "save" and download the zip file(s) to your desired location on your computer!

You also will receive an email from with the subject of "Your Link(s) for ZippyDesignZ Order ... " ~ this email contains the downloadable link(s) for your purchased design(s)!  The email is normally sent within minutes, so you can start stitching immediately!  The exception is when you pay via eCheck.  eChecks usually take 3-5 business days to process ~ once this process is completed, you will receive the email with your design links!

My links are "EXPIRED" and I need to download my designs again .. HELP!  Oh, this is an EZPZ one!    Just  send me an email  and request your links be reset ~ please provide your order number in the email to ensure the correct links are sent to you!

I KNOW I downloaded my order, but now I can't find my designs files on my computer!  Those rascal computer gremlins hide our files ALL THE TIME ..   To locate the files on your computer, 'search' for all files containing "Zippy", and TA DA ... missing-in-action files are found!

Where can I find the instructions?  The ShowNTell instructions are found in the "Instructions_Images" folder, which is the first folder in the unzipped zipped file.  Most of my instructions are pdf files, so they are not visible through embroidery software.

May I sell items with your designs stitched on them?  Yes you may, and I hope you sell a gazillion of them!  Please  CLICK HERE   to read my Terms and Conditions of Use.

What design formats do you offer?  All of my embroidery designs are offered in ART, HUS, JEF and PES (based on hoop sizes).  I use Palette 7.0 software to digitize, and create in PES format.  If you need a different format and don't own conversion software, here is a link for FREE Wilcom Truesizer conversion software ..

Do you manually punch your designs?  Yes, Yes and YES!!  I have a phobia of jump stitches .. LOL .. and I manually punch every design (including all fonts and lettering) to ensure you get the VERY best stitch-out, with ZERO jump stitches whenever possible!  Just like you, I learned the hard way that jump stitches have to be trimmed, and every cut thread allows the design to potentially pull out.  There is alot of confusion regarding Manual Punch verses Auto Digitizing, so I created "Here's the Difference" freebies to show the difference.  Please  CLICK HERE  to learn about Here's The Difference freebies!

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