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My Customers Say ..

Thanks for taking a few moments to read what some of my customers have to say about my designs, my customer service, and my website!

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Shari says .. Carolynn, I reserve a time each Saturday morning to look through my e-mail and check out new sites. This morning when looking through my embchatfreebie messages, I saw your message and visited for the first time. Wow ~ what great work! Thanks for the freebies and the Teddy Cuddlies are wonderful .. what great fun they would be for kids, and the boo-boo bear is great too. Happy Stitching!

Sheryl says .. Thanks so much for the rick-rack designs. I make burp cloths and girls things that I put trim on and lots of times it is rick rack. Now it will much nicer because lots of new moms don't iron so it will now look nice after washing. Please Please let me know when you come out with the xtra wide set. Thanks!

Carolyn says .. Hi Carolynn, Guess who is singing now???? I have stitched out all three sizes (of RikRak) and can match them up where you can’t even tell where one stopped and the other began. I am so thrilled. Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t digitize at all and really am impressed with the way your designs stitch out. Thank you ever so much and I will be visiting your site often. Bless you!

Kathy says .. I love your designs and your digitizing is some of the best!

Elaine says .. Just wanted to tell you that your Dusties have become a life changing experience. <ggg> I have been using a casted-off-fleece-throw-mess-up for the Dusties. My daughter saw them and wanted me to make some for her. This is where the life changing experience occurs: my daughter is now dusting her house!!!! .. Best embroidery design I own!!"

Mary says .. Carolynn you are the greatest. I just found your site but you will be seeing a lot more of me.

Lynda says .. Thank you so much Carolynn for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it. I was sure there was a computer or email issue. I can't wait to stitch them up .. Thank you again for your prompt attention. I am a very satisfied customer.

Aimee says ... I have to say, I do think you are brilliant, because you create things that people will use, thus are sellable items! Thanks!

Julie says .. THANKS for resetting my links so quickly Carolynn. THANKS for your great customer service. THANKS for your beautifully digitized designs. THANKS for Zippy! HUGS!

Betty says ... LOVE your designs, so creative and unusual! I have always liked RickRack, and I couldn't resist your adorable designs! Keep up the great work!

Nancy says .. I don't usually write to websites, but I had to say thank you for your wonderful instructions. I am new to machine embroidery, and had never tried an in the hoop before .. I am a very visual person, and your instructions are the very best. The pictures really helped me understand how everything works .. and I did it! Thanks!

Susi says .. watching your designs stitch out is like watching an ice skater dance on the ice .. beautiful work!

Candace says .. The BooBoo teddy bears are a wonderful idea! I volunteer at a hospital and plan to make many of these bears for the children. They will LOVE them. Thank you for such a creative idea.

Dominique says .. Merci pour vos sympathiques motifs freebies. J'aime beaucoup les cadres. Je serai heureusa de les broder. Tous mes encouragements! Zippy says .. I don't parler vous Francais ..  .. but that sure looks pretty :):) THANKS!

Donna says .. I have just spent more than 2 hours looking at everything .. I know I'll be back for more! I have (2) almost 2 great grandchildren, (4) grand children, and twins that will be 6 in a couple of months. I know they are going to enjoy the new things grandma will send them. Thank you and God Bless.

Shari says .. I purchase ALOT of embroidery designs, and yours are some of the very BEST. They all stitch out wonderful, and you really know how to digitize!!! Thanks Carolynn!

Marian says .. you have by far the best baby designs on the entire internet, keep them coming.

Belinda says .. your designs make my projects SEW cute! I always receive compliments - THANKS!

Sarah says .. the cuddlie bears are the BEST! I have all of them and they stitch out like a beautiful dream. My grandchildren are playing with them before I even get them stuffed. Thank you Zippy for these adorable bears!

Robin says .. OMGosh ~ THANKS Zippy! I didn't want to bother you to reset my links, and when I received my email within a matter of minutes .. WOW, thanks for the great customer service!

Bonnie says .. I like your designs very much. Just ordered a couple. They are charming.

Candace says .. Hello again! I LOVE the angel bears also ~ they are so easy to make, and fast too. Thank you Carolynn!

Wendy says .. G'day Carolynn! I dont normally write to people that I buy designs from BUT I am so impressed with the teddy I have just finished. Your design work is excellent. I couldn't really understand how it was all going to work but it was so simple and now its sewn and stuffed and my 4 year old girl just loves it! I have signed up for your newsletter so my next project this afternoon will be a baby jumpsuit with your "can you hear me now" design. Just thought I'd send you quick note of thanks and admiration for your work.

Carole says .. Hi, I too, found your site thru embchatfreebies - was looking for pics of the casserole cover someone posted .. thanks for the freebies and what a great site. Have put you in my Favorites!

Lisa says .. The cupcakes were a giant hit at my last bazaar, I can't wait to do the tarts!!! And the icicles are sure to be a hit as well!!! Thanks!

Sarah says .. THANK YOU Zippy! Your designs are very unique and creative, and they stitch out so well! My DGD has several outfits adorned with your RickRack designs, and I hope you are adding animals soon. Keep up the good work ~ I love no trimming and no jump stitches!


JJ says .. Love the very creative ideas and your site is so much 1)FUN and 2) very well organized. I really appreciate your work, it is very well done.

Anne says .. Love your designs!

Marilyn says .. I stitched out the bath buddy for my grand daughter.  She said "Sweet! Is this a Hello Kitty?" and then she showed me all the places she could hang it in the bathroom.  She was really excited that it has a ribbon like Mommie's scrubby, so she can hang her own "scrubby" by Mommie's.  Now, you've got to get busy on a dog face for my little boys!!  Thanks for all your help.  Zippy says .. the puppy is on my list of things to get done Marilyn ~ I promise :):):)

Pat says .. You sure have some neet designs!

Tammy says .. Hi Carolynn...Thanks so much for fixing my order, geez you are fast!   Ok gotta run and check out the designs, can't wait to get stitching :-)  Thanks again for all your help and designs, they are my favorites!

Jennifer says .. WOW ~ you sure ARE 'zippy'!  Thanks SEW much for sending the V4 files so quickly!  I can't wait to stitch out your wonderful designs!!!! 

Penny says .. LOVE my first visit to your website, what beautiful designs.  Thanks for sharing your talents, and love the free pattern for the bib.  THANKS!

Patsy says .. Goodness  Carolynn!!  I will be using your Tart designs as play food without the cups for my daughter's day care kids. They LOVE this stuff!

Yolanda says .. Carolynn, your new website is the best!  Love your designs, love the instant download, love Zippy DesignZ!

Lorrie says .. your explanation of auto vs manual is brilliant!  I am new to embroidery, and thanks to you, I am learning what to look for in a design before spending my design budget ..  Thanks again!

Vicky says .. Can't wait to make the cupcakes for my gd for CHRISTmas. She loves to pretend she's cooking and these are perfect!!!

Lisa says .. I can't get enough of your designs!  You are a master at digitizing .. do you give lessons?   LOL  Seriously, I told a couple of friends about your site ~ now we all love Zippy designs!

Janis says .. These pincushions are really clever.  Thanks.

Samantha says .. RUN Zippy RUN!  My DH just saw his credit card statement, and now he is after you!  Sorry, but I had to blame someone for my obsession with your embroidery designs!!   LOL .. keep up the good work! 

Linda says .. Thanks!! These polka dots are just adorable .... you are tooooooo good!! Hugs!  PS - Love this new site.

Judith says .... Thanks!  I am the RikRak junky .. LOL.

Georgette says .. The picture of your icicles with your article in Designs in Machine Embroidery is beautiful .. Congratulations! The icicles are beautiful.  And "BABY" in there by chance a rikrak alphabet that I missed?? :)  That rikrak is just too cute.

Ellie says .. Love your designs.  Happened upon it checking my e-mail.  I would like to know if these can be made and sold?  Thanks.    Zippy says ..  THANKS for asking, and yes Ellie, you may sell items that you have stitched my designs on to.. please see my "Terms and Conditions of Use" for more info, and please send me an email if I can answer any other questions!

Kathy says .. Hello and thank you for your amazing site... Love your stuff and will be back!

Alyce says .. I love your site and all the rick-rack  and items you have designed, how wonderful they look!  Also, again thank you for the free “Can You Hear Me Now?” design, that was very kind of you!   I am also very glad to hear that you only send out newsletters about once a week!  Yea!

Gail says .. Carolynn, you are so creative and your designs are just darling!  Thank you so much for all of the wonderful freebies!  I love being on your newsletter list so I can keep up with your new designs!

Diana says .. I really enjoy your site .. I especially like the cuddlies.  I am looking forward to your newsletter, and thanks for the freebies!

Judy says .. my DIL told me about your site and I love it, especially the RikRak.

Cindy says .. Carolynn, thank you for the new designs.  I want you to have time off but I really want you to work work work!!!!!! Selfish I know.  I just want all the designs your little hands and mind can create.  Thank you again for the designs!

Nelly says .. Thank you very much for all the freebies, you are very generous and I appreciate it very much.

Tammy says .. Oh my goodness....I just found your site by luck, all I have to say is AWESOME stuff! I did a blanket with your Momma bear today and it is so so adorable!! Thank you so much for sharing your cute creations. I will be back again and again. My next purchase will be the golf designs....gotta luv those. I would love to see other cuddlie animals, like a puppy :-) Thanks again, GREAT JOB!!!  Zippy says .. there are more cuddlie animals in the works, and THANKS!

Alison says .. Thank you (for the EZPZ Pillow designs) - what a great idea! So useful - baby showers, Christmas, Halloween - but not candy corn!   LOL    Zippy says .. I'm glad you like the pillows - and I believe candy corn works with EVERYTHING!!   

Mary says .. I found your site this evening and am so excited.  I have been looking for Ric Rac designs and can not wait to use these.  Thanks again.

Jan says .. I have to tell you that I was making up a batch of boo boo bears, and my 2 youngest grandsons loved helping me with them!!! They liked stuffing them, and the 7 year old even stitched up the sides! (The fleece turns soooooo nicely!!! I'm making them all in fleece in the future, and they are sooooo soft., too.) They adore the bears!!!

Joyce says .. Thanks for sending the discount code. I love you.  Zippy says .. You are welcome, and I love ya back  :):)

Lisa says .. Your designs have been a huge hit with my customers....THANKS!

Cynthia says .. LOVE the new Princess 100% and others!  I had to buy them!  Thanks for the coupon!

Phyllis says .. I saw the Icicles in my magazine I received yesterday and drooled over them for an hour. I just can't wait to get started on them. Thank you for making my day!

Leslie says .. Thanks so much Carolynn - and Happy Anniversary!  I was at my local Jo-Ann's this afternoon and was telling the girls at the Viking concession in there about your rickrack and your 100% club designs... I'm SURE they'll be checking it out -- they found the idea of stitched rickrack fascinating!  Thanks again.

Cissy says .. Great looking designs on your site!  I will return, I'm sure.

Beryl says .. Thank you - I already downloaded and have sewn out 6 towels total so far - Just love them!

Hanna says .. I love your designs, and THANKS for in the hoop 4x4 items!

Francine says .. I look forward to embroidering the rik rak on my two grand-daughters' dresses. Oh, ...and those cupcakes look so yummy! Great for children's "let's pretend" play.
Marie-Eric says .. wow comme c'est beau et amusant!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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