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Loyalty Points

ZippyDesignZ is THRILLED to offer Loyalty Points to YOU, my loyal customer!

What are Loyalty Points, you ask?

They are a great way to say THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

and I describe them as "Cyber Green Stamps" - without the yucky glue! 

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

When you place an order at, your total order amount is used to calculate the number of points earned.  When your order is completed, the Loyalty Points are automatically added to your "Available Points Balance".  After you "Login" and click on "My Account", your "Loyalty Points Summary" shows your "Available Points Balance" and "Points Cash Value".

You earn a point for every $1 spent!

The example shows :

$100 purchase = 100 points in Available Point Balance

Points Cash Value = $5.00 

 When you complete a $22 order (for example), you earn 22 points from the transaction ..  

 Upon the completion of your order, the 22 points are automatically added to your Available Points Balance, and the "Points Cash Value" is updated - AND available to spend on your next purchase!

When placing your next order, you type in the # of "Points to Redeem", and then click "Redeem".  The example shows redemption of all available 122 points.

 Your points are redeemed, and the "Cash Value" of $6.10 is deducted from your current order total!

(Please note the "Subtotal" reflects the order amount LESS the value of the Redeemed Points.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

** reserves the right to make changes to any portion of this Loyalty Points program (up to and including cancellation) at any time and without prior notice. **

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Loyalty Points may be used with Introductory ZippyDeal pricing!

Yes, Loyalty Points may be used with ZippyDealZ!

Yes, Loyalty Points will be earned when you use Loyalty Points to make a purchase!

Other necessary fine print:

You must be a registered customer prior to making a purchase and earning Loyalty Points.

Loyalty Points are only accrued for on-line/website purchases.

Loyalty Points are not transferable, and are non-refundable.


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