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Web Design
My Customers Say .. 5

Maddie says .. Hi There!  Just a note to let you know how much (a ton!)  I appreciate your attentive customer service.  The ink is hardly dry on the computer and you quickly answer your emails and requests.  I really enjoy and appreciate how sweet all your messages are, especially the movable smiley faces (where did you get them).  They are adorable.  May God bless all your efforts and your business.

Joyce says .. I have to tell you the burpies and the bear Cuddlies stitched out great.  I will be making more of both after I get back from vacation.  I'm a little upset that I can't take my machine with me!

Rhonda says .. Yea!! You're back.  Missed all your news letters and happy designs!

Anna says .. LOVE YOUR STUFF!

Carolyn says .. I ordered your new checkbook cover design this morning and have already made three of them.  They turned out absolutely beautiful and were quick and easy to make.  Thanks a million for the great design.  I love it.

Then Carolyn says .. Hi again.  Here is a picture of 3 of the checkbook covers.  They aren't as clear as I would like, but you can see they turned out pretty good.  I'm going to make them as Christmas gifts.  Thanks again for the great designs.

Bonnie says .. Carolynn, I just finished stitching out the book cover.  I have to say I have made many book covers before but none were so easy and explained as much as this one.  Thank you sew much.  I made the first one in doggy print for a friend of mine and I am so pleased with the results.

Judith says .. I am a RikRak junky.  LOL

Helen says .. Love your designs and cannot wait to get started. Will there be more In The Hoop stuff in the future? Hugs!!  Zippy says .. OH YES, there are definitely more in-the-hoop designs coming ~~ I have a TON of ideas!  Thanks for staying tuned!!

Joan says .. Thank you so much Carolynn .. my biggest problem with your designs is deciding in what order to purchase them. They are all my favorites.  :-)

Corrinne says .. You are a doll!  Thank you for the PROMPT follow-up.  Wonderful customer service and you are such a delight!!

Wendy says .. Beautiful work. These (Sweet Treat Trio Pincushions) will make great gifts for my friends.

Michelle says .. THANKS for the Loyalty Points!!  It's wonderful that I am rewarded for buying designs I LOVE!!  I laughed and laughed over your "cyber green stamps" story ~ thanks for the memories.

Joyce says .. Hi Carolynn, Congrats on the new design (EZPZ Burpies-2), I can't wait to get started!  The first set of Burpies are a hit with whomever I give them to!

Nancy says .. WOW what a great website.  Now I know why Susan is my BEST friend ~ she sent me a link to ZippyDesignZ!!!!!

Angela says .. Love, love, love your ric rack and designs!!

Gilda says .. I love your designs!!!

Gayle says .. I have been looking for ricrack "forever", then I saw your ad in DME and went a little crazy!!

Marsha says .. Thank you so much Zippy - you are wonderful!!!!  I can't wait to make all your baby things for a baby shower coming up .. you make "baby shower gift giving" VERY EZPZ!   :):)

Rae says .. Carolynn,  Thank YOU for these wonderful bears!!  I have made ANOTHER big batch of the original ones and visited your site today and discovered this version (Teddy Cuddlies)!!!  The township fire house got about 25 of the first batch (Boo-Boo Cuddlies)!!!  My cupcakes are going fast too and I will have to stitch/stir up a new batch of those too!!!  I keep giving them away as birthday gifts and they are LOVED!!!  THANK YOU AGAIN!

Pamela says .. Love them, love them....I LOVE THEM!!

Suzanne says .. "Like" isn’t the word - I LOVE them!  Your creativity is soooooo amazing and there isn’t a thing that you’ve done that I don’t just love.

Mattie says .. You do such wonderful designs, thank you so much!!!!

Joan says .. Thank you for the Points!!

Val says .. Thanks for the great products, prices and the bonus points! Hugs!

Anna says .. Love your designs! Thanks for offering a discount on Showcase designs... it helps!

Donna says .. Love the designs!! Thanks for being sew creative :-)

Sonya says .. Hi Carolynn, Got all of the designs this time...thank you so much!!  ... and thank you for your free designs ..Thank you for getting back to me so quick, great customer service for sure.

Beth says .. There are so many designs I love on your site ~ how do I decide what to buy next?!  I love your creativity, all of your inspirational samples, and your awesome digitizing ~~ ZippyDesignZ is the BEST!  HUGS!

Kathy says .. THANKS!  And I LOVE your designs.

Erin says .. This design (EZPZ RikRak Checkbook Covers) is fantastic, and I can't wait to try this tonight.  Love all your designs. Thanks so much.

Pamela says .. I'm not paying the prices for those silly duster thingies any more!!!  Zippy says .. you are gonna LOVE the Dustie designs!!!  :):):)

Sheri says .. These (EZPZ RikRak Zipper Bags) are just perfect!  I know what I'm doing today =).  Have already done over 40 checkbooks...better get busy on these to match them.  love ya!  Zippy says ... 40???  You go girl!!!  Love ya back!  :)

Kathy says .. CRAP Caroline! I'm back!!!!! GOOD for you - BAD for me!!! ;-) Oh well, you're cheaper than therapy!  Zippy says .. ROFL!  YAY for "Therapeutic Embroidery!"

Maggie says .. Thanks!  It worked this time...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your stuff!

Charlene says .. Thanks so much for all your help.  Look forward to dealing with you again.  And my camera wasn't close at hand or you would have gotten a pic of all three bags I made.  They are so adorable!  You are quite clever, you know!!  Keep up the good work and thanks again!

Cindy says .. HI!   Just want to say that your web site always makes me smile!  I found it by chance a while ago and now I am starting to gather a collection of your designs!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

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