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Web Design
What is a HTD Freebie?

How many times have you wondered ...

"What REALLY is the difference between "manual punch" digitizing and "auto punch" digitizing?"


"Why does this design stitch out soooo differently than this other design?"


"Why do some designs have all those jump stitches, and some designs don't?"

I have received many emails that ask me to explain the difference between "manual punch" and "auto" digitizing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here's The Difference (HTD)

There IS a difference between "manually punched" embroidery designs and "auto digitized" designs, and this is my way to show you the difference.

I manually punch every design on this website (including fonts and lettering), and after seeing this demonstration, I hope you understand the difference, and why I do it!

NOTE: there are many types of digitizing software ~ these HTD designs are examples only, and are not intended to represent "all" digitizing software.

**  Please CLICK HERE to download the HTD Freebies!  **

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